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Janice Bianchi Frederickson, OD

Dr J 3-12-13
Dr. Frederickson has 26+ years experience and prefers to be called Dr Jan. Her education began at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) with a BS in Natural Sciences/Mathematics. She then attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) where she received an additional BS in Physiological Optics and an O.D. (Doctor of Optometry).

Dr. Frederickson is highly respected in her field by both the industry and her colleagues. She has twice authored eye care related articles that have been carried in local publication. In addition to being past president of the local chapter of the state society WPOS (Western Pennsylvania Optometric Society) and a committee chair to the POA (Pennsylvania Optometric Association), Dr Jan was named “Young O.D. of the Year 1996” for the state of Pennsylvania & a finalist for national “Young O.D. of the Year 1997” for the AOA (American Optometric Association). In 2000, Dr. Jan received the ‘George Gottschalk Jr. Memorial Award’ in recognition of outstanding service from the POA. She is a member in good standing of all three; WPOS, POA, and AOA. Dr. Jan is an active member of the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce serving on committees there and currently is on the board of directors. The Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce named her “Chamber Member of the Year” in 2010. She’s also a former officer in PTS at West Point Elementary. A participating Doctor of ‘Vision USA’ and ‘InfantSEE’. Other organizations and groups she is a member of include: The Westmoreland Trust; PA Cleanways; the CVC (Conemaugh Valley Conservancy); and a supporter of such local groups as Westmoreland Special Olympics, local high school groups, local Boy & Girl Scout Troops, just to name a few.