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Special Equipment


The Optomap® Retinal Exam provides a panoramic view of the back of a person’s eye (the retina). The view provided by the Optomap displays over 80% of the retina.

We have you place your eye to be photographed up to the instrument and the doctor’s assistant positions you for a photograph and takes the picture. The Optomap captures its image in only 1/4 of a second. The photographer takes two photos and evaluates the images. If the images are clear for the doctor to read the same thing is repeated on the second eye.

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The OCT uses a method called “optical coherence tomography” that is capable of creating digital images through the use of special beams of light in order to create a contour map of the optic nerve and measure the retinal nerve fiber thickness much in the same way that a CT Scan is able to digitize and analyze tissues throughout your body.

The goal of Optic Nerve Computer Imaging is to give your eye the ability to detect the slightest loss of optic nerve fibers, at the first possible moment, in order to diagnose Glaucoma at the earliest possible stage in order to stop the progression of the disease and preserve your vision.

HearingAudiometer / Hearing Evaluation:

During the pretest we do a free hearing screening to determine if a further evaluation is necessary. If it is, the hearing specialist from Hempfield Hearing Aids then does a complementary hearing evaluation to see if they can determine the root of the problem. Family Eye Care West has created a partnership with Hempfield Hearing Aids to care for your hearing  Man and Machineneeds including tinnitus and ear protection. They use an Earscan 3 and Affinity audiometer to do a comprehensive hearing evaluation. HHA carry Hansaton, Sona & other hearing devices and have the capabilities to do custom ear plugs (for hunters, swimmers, motorcyclists, etc), to custom bluetooth and headphone type devices.